Tuesday, 1 May 2018

  Joy of Life introduces, Enliven- an ideal value-addition for Khadi Clothing!

 Enliven- an ideal value-addition for Khadi Clothing

Khadi, the well-known and vastly worn India’s fabric has no doubt grown as part of our identity and as conclusive signature attire. Ever since the ‘Khadi’ essence came into being as Gandhiji promoted simplicity as social etiquette, khadi rapidly emerged and has very well propagated as Nation’s fabric. And while we live the attitude of wearing the hand-woven and hand-spun fabric, which is intricately spun into yarn on a spinning wheel called Charkha, we along with the whole world are awed by the versatility and authenticity this fabric holds! And steadily as the Khadi garment finds its way to designer boutiques and elite cognizance where ecofriendly and organic clothing brands have eventually provoked the basic understanding of being environmentally responsible in apparel selection; it makes all sense to be incorporating natural herbs into the fabric for sustained wellness merits.   

Joy of Lifehas developed Enliven- a Green, Low Carbon Footprint, Truly Sustainable, Patented Technology (USA, Europe & India) after years of R&D, tested to perfection in Technical collaboration with IIT Delhi (Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi). Enliven is a decoction of Neem, Tulsi & other healing herbs, which are scientifically proven to have Anti-microbial, Anti-fungal, Anti-odour, Anti-oxidant, Insects & Mosquito Repellent properties; which are deeply infused & bonded into the fibres using cross linking bio-polymer adding Hygiene, Skin-fortifying & Wellness Function to all your Textile Products! 
The Ayurveda counsels:
Neem as Sarva roga nivarini, which means “one that prevents all ailments”. 
The holy herb ‘Tulsi’– an elixir of life, which means a herb with numerous healing powers.
Enliven offers the perfect solution
  • Eliminates exposure to toxic chemical dyes on our skin as it creates a coating of healing herbs on the surface of the textiles
  • Enhances body’s natural resistance & healing powers effortlessly
  • Have active anti-microbial protection 24x7
  • Mosquitoes & Insects Repellent
  • Controls Body –odour
  • Antioxidant Advantage protects skin by limiting the production of free radicals, which can damage skin cells.
  • Enliven is the safest Hygiene Solution for Mankind & the our Planet

Khadi has always been a fabric with immense outlook, which is now also becoming a fashion statement to create your own unique styles and providing yourself the all-natural feel. The application of Enliven with enormous healing power is therefore certain to take the khadi culture to an all new level with the imbibing of a concept called 'Herbal Khadi Fabrics'. The khadi textiles made from all kinds of raw materials such as of cotton, silk and wool would be substantially enhanced with natural charisma and health assurance, once these fabrics are being infused with healing herbs. This way a coating of these healing herbs is formed over the textiles substrates, the fabrics get instilled with all the natural goodness of the herbs, and the benefits remain intact. Now, when these super soft, comfy and naturally-processed fabrics come in contact with our skin, the largest organ of our body, health gains are unsurpassable. Whereas it is not recommended to wear the chemically dyed garments on a regular basis, the herbal coated garments gently cling to the skin in the softest and most harmless manner possible, allowing it to breathe, and take in the goodness of herbs, all at the same time!  
Written by: Dr. Sonica Krishan, Ayurveda Consultant, Author & Speaker

Monday, 3 April 2017

Organic Herbal Wear for Reducing free Radicals...!!!

If you care for the paramount health, hygiene and comfort of yourself and of your loved ones, you need to take to preventive approach towards health and well being.This is because lifestyle diseases are virtually on the rise world-over owing to erroneous diets, flaws in cohesiveness of everyday lifestyles as well as environmental issues like global warming, pollution and adulteration. One good option seems to be saying NO to chemicals and plastics in using them both internally as well as externally. Also, it is believed that another great way to keep diseases at bay in our everyday lives is by consuming diet and also imbibing antioxidants by any possible means. Fruits, nuts, dark-green vegetables, etc. are said to be some of the richest sources of antioxidants. But how precisely do they work? The answer would be – We can essentially gain wellness by freeing our body from side effects of the free radicals. This means we need to take care of our body inside-out with a holistic approach. Taking in natural diet, savouring in the allure of mental tranquillity and as well permitting mainly the organic herbal wear to be touching our skin is so needed. 

What are Free Radicals?  
Free radicals are the unstable molecules that are capable of leading us to diseases and some much early signs of ageing. These are particularly known to be one of the prime reasons for damaging the DNA, by interfering with and altering their chemical structure. Besides, these also cause inflammation and a variety of other chronic diseases, including cancer.  

Why prevention is so needed? 
Free radicals are produced every single day in our body and eventually our body’s immune system and particularly the antioxidant system tends to lose its forte. These further results into production of oxidative stress and many diseases begin to crop up.  While a majority of free radicals are created within our body, we also tend to contact these from the polluted environment and surroundings.   
The Way Out! 

The best way to keep these free radicals at bay is by increasing our intake of antioxidants. But no matter how rich a diet we maintain and supplements that we may consume, we always run the risk of exposing ourselves to these free radicals. Here comes the perpetual necessity of imbibing herbal organics. Using apparels like organic herbal lingerie, innerwear or yoga wear with specialised skin fortifying finishes aids the body's naturalimmune responses to gear up and act barrier to the free radicals. This means that not only there are reduced levels of free radicals; regular use of the organic herbal garments has favourable effect on the body's wellbeing. 

Advantage Nature, Joy of Life, has aesthetically designed organic herbal wear which is developed in technical collaboration with IIT Delhi. These render holistic goodness of natural herbs and herbal ingredients like Neem, Tulsi, Apple Cider Vinegar, Tourmaline, Healing Crystals and other natural and organic herbal extracts, that are used in manufacturing this clothing. 

Written by : Dr. sonica krishan

Making the Right Choice!

Our genitals as well as anal area are the most sensitive regions in a human body which are rather disregarded in terms of maintaining overall health and hygiene. While females are generally deliberated to be extra cautious and careful in maintaining an overall hygiene, pertaining  to the fact that they are more susceptible to possible infections like skin allergies and itching, men also should not take the health of their intimate region for granted. 

It is lesser known that the sensitive area is essentially equipped to clean all by itself internally and you mainly need to take care of maintaining hygiene of the externally. Also, our body provides our genital region with a natural defence against pathogens - both bacteria and yeast.  Therefore, you would simply need gentle cleaning using a mild intimate skin-wash product with natural ingredients while evading fancy, chemical additives, and also be mindful when deciding for the inner clothing. 

Take Care and Make the Right Choice
Invest in clean, loose, natural and preferably organic cotton-based herbal underpants free of any toxic dyes or chemicals for regular wear. These allow the skin to breathe and just let be. Females should avoid inner wear that is made from synthetic fibres, nylon-tights, panty-hose, etc. as these prevent the air circulation and make the area more vulnerable to the growth of micro-bacteria. Likewise, men must give those tight-fitting briefs a break every now and then, and snug into organic cotton-based herbal boxers. 

Make sure to change your underpants daily, and if required, do not shy from changing them two to three times a day if you feel any signs of discomfort. Wearing the same undergarment for longer duration, however comfortable it may be, can lead to accumulation of unnecessary moisture and make the skin more susceptible to possible infections.

Refrain from wearing anything tight-fitting for longer durations, such as tight, un-comfy trousers, and for the ladies, those thongs, G-strings, etc. Also, it is absolutely important to wear comfortable organic cotton based underclothes in order to avoid our sensitive skin from rubbing directly against the cloth, thus resulting in rashes and irritation. 

Advantage Nature, Joy of Life, is gratified manufactures of under-clothing and lingerie with skin fortifying and wellness enhancing properties. All the organic herbal wear undies are precisely manufactured using biotechnology and bio-engineering applications with natural and organic herbal ingredients only. Another merit of the brand is that the clothing is essentially developed in technical collaboration with IIT Delhi. These ultimate luxury undergarments are soothing, comfortable, and hygienic with a healing touch for the most sensitive and delicate parts of the human body.  These garments, lingerie and inner wear have been aesthetically designed and meticulously developed particularly for providing both preventive and curative healthcare advantages to the sensitive inner organs.  This innerwear that is prepared with fusing the organic fibre with exceptional natural herbs like Neem, Tulsi, Aloe vera etc. imbibes the skincare virtues of being anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-itching at the same time. Not only this, with the distinction of maintaining fitness and cleanliness, these underclothes are progressively comforting, refreshing and also moisturizing.

Written by : Dr. Sonica Krishan 

Friday, 24 March 2017

Organic Herbal Garments with Negative Ion Technology

Free radicals are everywhere around us and constantly damaging the healthy cells. To combat this, our body, needs a constant supply of antioxidants and hence, the negative ions.
Negative Ions & their Positive Health Benefits

The major role of antioxidants lies in stabilizing the highly reactive free radicals and reducing oxidation because the negative ions attract the positive ions, and eventually aid in neutralizing and removing them. Research indicates that exposure to negative ions is extremely essential. These are believed to enhance the utilization of oxygen, offer relief from stress, help improve our energy levels and enhance our focus, thus making us more alert.

Let’s look at how the negative ions actually succeed in providing these benefits –
Increased Stamina – The negative ions are known to improve the flow of blood to all organs in our body, thus providing each one of them, especially our heart, with ample oxygen content. This results in a much improved stamina and overall energy levels.

Stress Relief – The negative ions, when enter our body, tend to normalize the serotonin levels in our brain. This helps in elevating our mood, thus working as a natural anti-depressant for us.
Mental Strength – Those who are constantly exposed to a good amount of negative ions tend to be mentally much stronger. This is because the negative ions regulate the oxygen utilization in our body, and send sufficient amount to our brain. Since they also regulate the serotonin levels in brain, our brain tends to perform in a more active and alert manner.

Cell Rejuvenation –As the negative ions have a special ability to stabilize the free radicals in our body, thus preventing them from damaging theDNA, and our cellular structure on the whole. Therefore, in addition to ensuring that we consume a diet rich on antioxidants, the more we expose ourselves to negative ions, the more are the chances for us to lead a healthy, disease free life!
Organic Herbal Garments – An Excellent Source of Negative Ions

Owing to the use of medicinal herbs and plant extracts in manufacturing and dyeing, the organic herbal garments have a variety of health benefits to offer. When worn, these clothes get in touch with our skin and pass along the health-giving assets. These organic herbal garments also come charged with negative ions which eventually get passed onto our body and render us with a variety of self-healing merits. Acquiring these negative ions promotes blood circulation in our body, enhances our metabolism, and ease pain, besides boosting up our immune system and what not. At the same time, they also prevent the positive ions from the environment and surroundings to come in contact with our skin.

Advantage Nature, Joy of Life garments which are organic herbal wear that savour in the merits of negative ions generation and essentially provide benefits of stress relief, increased stamina, cell rejuvenation and mental strength faculties.

Written by : Dr sonica krishan.

Friday, 17 March 2017

Unique Advantage of Herbal Wear...!

It is evident that garments coloured with synthetic and chemical dyes are extremely harmful when they come in direct contact with our skin, as these could result in severe irritation and rashes, and may even cause skin allergies at times. On the other hand, organic garments treated with natural herbs offer preventive as well as curative benefits in the long run. Additional unique advantage of herbal wear includes boosting the hydration of your skin. It is understandable that whenever we perspire and the sweat dries, blocking the minute pores of our skin, the garment fibre also releases natural herbal compounds which interact with the skin's moisture making it supple, soft and enduring.
There are various natural plants and herbs that are being used in the fabric dyeing industry, and are prolifically gaining their fair share of popularity. These include pomegranate, aloe vera, neem, tulsi, apple cider vinegar, etc. Many of these herbs have shown favourable backing in providing preventive as well as curative support in wide variety of ailments like the skin diseases, ulcers, diabetes, urinary problems and even anaemia.
Unique Advantage of Herbal Wear...!

Herbs in Clothing?
Although these natural herbs have been largely used in medicines as well as in various home-remedies for a DIY self-healthcare management, now we furthermore have garments like clothes, scarves, bedding, underclothes, kids wear and everyday linen as some of the most used and sought after herbal apparels, demanded by people all across the world. Innovation continues to take place in order to make these garments as trendy and fashionable as possible so as to make them look and feel good to wear. Also, people can choose from these garments on the basis of their colour preference, or the healing properties of specific herbs that they desire to avail.

What are these herbs?
These natural herbs have consistently been appearing as ingredients in a variety of remedies and cosmetics available in the market. Let's run you through some of the most sought after herbs in demand in the organic herbal fabrics industry and are being effectively propagated in the manufacturing of Advantage Nature, Joy of Life, clothing.
Neem holds a strong position in the world of medication, and has been used since ages. Also known as universal tree, the neem tree leaves have long been used in the dyeing and blending into a large variety of fabrics, leaving behind an impressive shade of ivory or a gorgeous greenish tinge to the draperies. While it provides with the best of healthcare benefits, Neem also unveils unsurpassed skincare properties. Likewise, the use of neem, in any manner, does not have any side effects.
Tulsi is also reverently known as the Holy Basil. Its leaves are acknowledged to be much effective for the treating and curing bacterial and fungal infections. As a natural antibiotic, when used in treating the garment fabrics, the natural herb of Tulsi makes the clothes all the more pragmatic and health supportive.

Apple Cider Vinegar holds exceptional and advantageous polyphenols which give it the ability to prevent the growth of various chronic diseases such as cancers, diabetes, heart diseases etc., when used on a regular basis. Whereas, the consumption of ACV also helps in stimulating various cardiovascular activities and bowel functions, blending the same with organic fabric reinstates the healing virtues as external application.

Written by : Dr sonica krishan

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Personal Care of Your Sensitive Parts with Herbal Clothing...!

Personal care and hygiene also touches our most sensitive body parts and it is rather imperative for each one of us to maintain cleanliness of the genital organs. Whereas hygiene and wellness makes us feel confident, this is also strong approval of our personal appearance. There are different ways to treat yourself with essential upkeep and use of herbal products is surely one available solution for the same. Another important aspect is wearing herbal garments. These apparels naturally safeguard your skin from harmful substances, and from toxins that are present in the air. Most often we don’t realize, but we passively consume the chemicals, by choosing synthetic clothes. Herbal textiles, on the other hand, make us feel comfortable and are essentially health promoting. These are a natural companion to ease your skin irritation, itching, allergies, or any risk of skin-braising. Thus arises the need to solemnly consider the underclothes that are continually embracing your skin. And when you wear organic innerwear amalgamated with natural herbs, the gains are surplus.

Personal Care

While these herbal undergarments keep infections at bay as these natural herbs tend to seep into your blood stream, they also provide you with health and hygiene cover and as well help to remove the impurities. 

Herbal mix in organic textiles tends to percolate into your body, and significantly benefit your health.This is because the underclothes that we wear are in close contact with our skin and the natural herbs in our clothes, would make their way through the skin pores to enter our blood stream. Thus if you choose to wear organic-made lingerie, you are naturally safe-guarding your skin.

Likewise for example, if you are wearing organic cotton fabric, with aloe vera applied on it, you could evade skin irritation. Similarly, if you are using a maternity brief annotated with the herb of Neem, then your lower abdomen would certainly be herbal-safe. Likewise, if you choose a tulsi upper wear, your heart would pump more effectively. Neem and tulsi are also natural mosquito repellants and moreover protect from urinary tract infections and eczema. This assortment of organic herbal briefs, vests and underclothing help considerably to reduce skin irritation, urinary infections and other risk of skin diseases and infections. Not only this, the anti-oxidant properties of the natural herbs would also keep your skin hydrated and the skin-cells breathing.  

Advantage Nature, Joy of life, has come up with organic herbal lingerie, innerwear and yoga wear with skin fortifying features and encapsulated with healing herbs, vitamins & aromas. Moreover, these organic herbal innerwear are treated with herbals & other bio-materials for anti-microbial, invigorating and moisture regulating properties. Not only are these undies ecological and easily maintainable, these also imbibe the best of USFDA approved natural herbs while evading use of any synthetic dyes or non-natural ingredients. 

Written by : Dr. Sonica Krishan.

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Skin Fortifying & Wellness Enhancing Properties of Organic Herbal Garments...!

We all have certainly heard about the immense health benefits of some of the most naturally available herbs such as Neem, Tulsi, Aloe Vera, Apple Cider Vinegar etc. Interestingly, apart from simply being used in kitchens for various culinary purposes, these herbs have also proved effective in the world of health, medication and wellbeing, thanks to their various therapeutic properties. Even Ayurveda, the traditional Indian system of a natural, holistic healing, acknowledges their benefits and absolutely swears by the immense healing powers of these natural herbs. 

And yet the application of these healing herbs has now been taken to an all new level with the introduction of a concept called 'Organic Herbal Garments'. In making of the organic herbal clothing, various plant and herb extracts are used to dye and colour the everyday, comfort garments that we wear and these provide with immense skin fortifying health benefits. 

The garment dyeing is performed at a rather early stage, wherein the fibres are infused with these herb and plant extracts. This way, the garment materials get permeated with all the natural goodness of herbs, and the benefits remain intact. Now, when these super soft, comfy and naturally-dyed fabrics come in contact with our skin and skin being the largest organ of our body, the gains are bountiful. Whereas it is not recommended to wear the chemically dyed clothing on a regular basis, the herbal garments on the other hand gently cling to the skin in the softest and most harmless manner possible, allowing it to breathe, and take in the goodness of herbs, all at the same time! 

There are enormous skin fortifying and wellness enhancing properties of the garments/ fabrics treated with natural Ayurvedic healing herbs like Neem and Tulsi. When the Neem infused fabrics come in contact with our skin, it penetrates right into our blood stream, thus helping us maintain a healthy and glowing skin, prevent diabetes, and also look after the health of our heart. Moreover, it helps in purifying our blood, and removing various toxins from our body. It is also good for enhancing the overall digestion in our body. Similarly, treating the organic fabric with Tulsi promotes a normal respiratory functioning of our body, and also adds years to our life, along with supplementing life to the years. 

Advantage Nature, Joy of Life brings first of its kind, green, proprietary textiles processing technology to produce organic herbal garments with skin fortifying & wellness properties using biotechnology applications and by bio-engineering natural organic herbal ingredients only. Whereas the herbal wear is loaded with healthcare benefits, these are also regarded to be evading the usage of any hazardous, harmful synthetic dyes or ingredients.

Written by : Dr. Sonica Krishan